Vehicle camera --YJ brand -- new product -- BX50 is introduced

Product features Super wide angle dash camera            YJ-BX50 is an all-metal frosted car camera exclusively designed by Yingjia Technology Co., Ltd. It has the advantages of night vision supplementary light and high definition. It adopts a 1080P high-definition camera, equipped with infrared night vision lights and WAR  Wide dynamic technology, G-Sensor gravity sensing function, this model uses all aluminum alloy body material, the appearance is very dazzling, stylish and beautiful.                          YJ-BX50 is beyond the shooting range of a general car camera. The shooting angle of a general car mini camera is generally 90°, 100-120° is called wide angle, and the range between 160° and 180° is called extremely wide angle.  The YJ-BX50 is equipped with a 170° wide angle.  With GSensor function, YJ-BX50 has a built-in acceleration sensor to record and store the target object in the wave graph.  When the speed reaches 6G (1G=9.8m/S2), the system can record and store the images before and after the collision accident, so as to provide strong evidence for the accident.  All-alloy ultra-thin design YJ-BX50 is made of all-aluminum alloy material, and the surface has undergone a unique metal frosting treatment.  WDR wide dynamic technology is a technology that can automatically correct the wide dynamic range of the image, that is to say, in the most demanding lighting conditions, it can also capture high-definition images without shadows, glare, or reflected light.  And make the image dark or destroyed.  Support loop recording, support car start-up, turn-off shutdown.